ARB TRED Pro Recovery Boards (EXOTRED™)


ARB TRED Pro™ Recovery Boards EXOTRED™ Composite Construction SIPE-LOCK™ Grip Profile Monument Grey Body w/Recovery Orange Teeth Incl. Recovery Leashes w/ Neoprene Cuffs

EXOTRED(TM) – TRED Pro’s unique and patented composite construction, ensures that during wheel spin in recovery the ramp/teeth won’t suffer instant catastrophic damage that is commonly experienced with other leading recovery ramp products. The special polyolefin material blend means TRED Pro’s can handle high levels of flex, are highly durable and wear-resistant. The mix of elasticity and tough rigid design in the main body means that your TRED Pro(TM) maintains a high level of pressure on your tire, this ultimately provides traction while still allowing the flex of the TRED Pro(TM) under the vehicle’s weight on unstable ground. TRED Pro(TM) features a unique patented grip profile, specifically engineered to engage with the water evacuation channels on the tire.

ARB engineers utilized 3D scanning and CAD modeling of the most popular tire brands to create a database of the world’s highest-selling off-road tires. Through this data collection, they have been able to use real data dimensions to optimize teeth/nodule design and layout to make TRED Pro(TM) the ultimate in traction for recovery board devices. TRED Pro(TM) has improved on the original TRED product to ensure both the product design and material is optimized for use across a variety of terrains and seasons.


  • Worlds Most Advanced And Highly Engineered
  • All In One Off-Road Vehicle Recovery Device
  • 100 pct Australian Made And Owned
  • EXOTRED™ Unique And Patented Composite Construction
  • SIPE-LOCK™ Patented Grip Profile
  • Unique Nylon Material For Superior Flex And Durability
  • Lower Profile For Stacking And Storage
  • First Recovery Board To Boast A Lifetime Warranty